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LoonyChip Classics

LoonyChip Classics, my 1991 album under the name Bobvan,

was re-released worldwide by Crammed Discs. I created a video for the track Fulaniize, a tribute to the Solar System, our home.

Prague Quadrennial 2023


An art installation by Suzon Fuks (Australia)

Music by Bob Vanderbob (Belgium).


June 8-18 at the National Gallery in Prague

1-ASSEMBLE_installation by Suzon Fuks_small.jpg

A galaxy of electronic waste transforms and reveals the hidden world of intricate circuitry powering our daily lives, reflecting on the impact of technology on humanity and the natural world.

A meditation on age, obsolescence and technology, ASSEMBLE highlights the human qualities of resilience to survive in a world that is relentlessly being updated. 

Of Buddies, Offspring and Artificial Mythology

The documentary by Bob Vanderbob at Les Heures Sauvages in Paris.


Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles 

46, rue Quincampoix - 75004 Paris

June 11, 2022 - 20:30


The installation Mr Generic Tries On The Masks Of God

as well as a collection of artefacts, entitled Buddies: The Human Face Of Technology, at the Visions exhibition.

International Carnival and Mask Museum in Binche (Belgium)

June 5, 2021 - January 2, 2022


Art Collector's Choice

My work is featured in Contemporary Art Station's new catalog.

Art Collector's Choice 2020.png

Aesthetica Magazine interview 

An extended conversation about Artificial Mythology, The Astronaut's Poetic Handbook, the importance of sound in my process and more.

City Sonic Sound Festival

I'll be presenting This Is Not A Half Pipe, a sound installation based on recordings of skaters, at Vitamine Z in Wavre (Belgium) in the context of the City Sonic Sound Festival.


February 19-29 2020

Vitamine Z - Avenue des Déportés, 79 

Wavre (Belgium)

My documentary film Kick 'n' Roll, about the rollersoccer world championship in San Francisco 2008, will be screened at the same location on February 27 at 17:30.

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