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In the '90s, I embarked on a musical journey under the name Bobvan, through which I created two very distinct albums: LoonyChip Classics and Water Dragon, released by Crammed Discs. Crammed was also home to several other projects of mine, including Des Airs, Sacher Musak, and Twin Freaks.

Having recently gained underground popularity and airplay on global internet radio, LoonyChip Classics was re-released worldwide in October 2023.


I created a new video for the track Fulaniize, a tribute to the Solar System, our home.

Icuria Coss

A radical project with Canadian vocalist/dancer/actress Susanna Hood (Hum, Plunderphonics) and British writer Liz Scrimgeour.


The Scabs Are Itching Badly Today delves into the fractured mind of She, a woman with a troubled past.

Where is She headed ?


The 17 tracks can be listened to as one continuous 45’ piece.

© 2006 Entangled Records

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