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multimedia installation

fecundity (noun)

  • the ability to cause or assist healthy growth

  • the ability to produce offspring

  • the creative power of the imagination 

Watch the teaser 

If we project ourselves beyond this age of ecological degradation and political turmoil, what values can we think of that could unite us by being cherished wholeheartedly and universally?

Fecundity would undoubtedly be a strong contender.

In this installation, a 3D-printed female figure becomes a screen onto which are projected images of life, energy, water, bacteria, sperm and ovules, genetic and binary code. The 'power' icon is projected onto her skull. In stark contrast, images of desert landscapes and of Venus, Earth's barren sister planet, are projected onto the back wall. The whole installation is enshrined in a large mirror box, reflecting the fecundity figure ad infinitum in all directions.

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