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multimedia installation

future time

past time

dig deep

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Two bodies lie in a hole evocative of an excavated site. We look down on them from above, standing behind waist-high barriers surrounding the hole. Each figure is draped in a pristine white cloth and their faces are covered with 3D-printed masks. We are surrounded by darkness.


Layer upon layer of poetic images flow over them: landscapes, natural elements, technological-looking materials. The scene is bathed in an evocative sound environment.


Something about the atmosphere suggests that these beings may be from the future.

But if so, being already dead and buried, they would belong to a past that is in our future.

Who are we then, as we stand there looking down on them? And when are we?


Excavation is a meditation about life and death, time, the idea of humanity as a process,

and the possibility of human metamorphosis.

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