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multimedia installation

future time

past time

dig deep

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Two shrouded figures lie in a cavity suggestive of an archeological dig. We look down at them, standing behind a waist-high rail guard surrounding the hole. Each figure is draped in a white cloth and their faces are covered with 3D-printed masks. We are surrounded by darkness.


Layer upon layer of poetic images flow over them: landscapes, natural elements, technology-evoking materials. The scene is bathed in a dreamlike musical environment. The suspended, timeless, yet constantly evolving atmosphere evokes a feeling of ongoingness: all is process, all is flow, all is potential.


Something about their masks and the undertone suggests that these beings may hail from a future era. But then, dead and buried, they surely belong to a past that is in our future? Who are we as we stand there looking down on them? And when are we?


We witness the mythification of a local landscape - an imaginary burial site - where past, present and future overlap and blend.  The accumulation and overlay of layers of perceptual and cultural associations  elevate this space into a palimpsest of interwoven stories and meanings, creating a disorienting yet calming sense of history and mystery.


Excavation is a meditation about the fragile dance of life and death, temporal fluidity and ambiguity, the world as process, and civilizational metamorphosis.

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