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multimedia installation

together at night

deepening to sleep

shuttered eyes

with different sight


minds unfolding

differently alive

now we are

the dreaming hive

Three heads with closed eyes hover in front of a strangely symmetrical, flowing landscape. Their appearance changes constantly, synchronously. The intense yet restful atmosphere brings to mind a shamanistic ritual. We feel we are watching a collective dream, that we are part of one.

But from time to time there is a glitch and the image suddenly shatters: the symmetry is ruptured and computer code or black and white static briefly appear on both the floating heads and background landscape.

Is the collective dream a simulation, the product of manipulation?


In a world that is ever faster, more unpredictable and volatile, will we manage to create a collective mythological space to transcend that which pits us against each other and divides us? Can technology help us conjure such a space? What would it look like? What would it take to bring it into being?

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