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they are the human face

of technology

a presence

a wink

a benevolent reminder

of our techno-human nature

they are everywhere

they are our buddies

they are us

I see buddies as hybrid creatures, half industrial, half totemic. They are a metaphor for the best we have in us: the ingenuity of human-the-inventor and the imagination of human-the-storyteller.

The exhibition Buddies: The Human Face of Technology took place in 2021-2022

at the International Carnival and Mask Museum in Binche (Belgium)


In the spirit of the Easter Island statues, giant buddies tower over the landscape, like here at the Artificial Mythology exhibition in the Donjon de Vez (France) in 2012.


Buddies - 96 pages - 102 color photos - Entangled Books 2009

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